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Best ever humor jokes collection of short jokes for the young and the old with funny photos and other stuff that is funny like videos. Post in a few words in the comment box so as to let us know your preferences.

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Appropriate for sharing at family and social functions. Supreme entertainment that will make you burst into laughter and have great exciting fun. If you feel something is missing let us know and we will oblige.

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Get funny material on any topic you can think of with mesmerizing videos and fantastic images to go along with it. Share a line to help us know how you feel about this site and what things you would like differently presented.

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Top quality humorous content compiled from the best collection of funny jokes and suited to every age group. Makes for the most enthusing reading and viewing pleasure. Your joy is our satisfaction.

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Everything you can imagine on humor you will find it here and of the topmost quality. Enjoy yourself with these specially chosen jokes, videos, and pictures. Feel relaxed with the best humor and do pen your experience to help us make things better.


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Best ever humor jokes collection of short jokes for the young and the old with funny photos and other stuff that is funny like videos. Appropriate for sharing at family and social functions. Supreme entertainment that will make you burst into laughter and have great exciting fun.

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Jason: This website is devoted to supplying clean humor amusement with an assortment of jokes, funny photos, and other funny content.

Rema: The humor is appropriate for individuals of all ages and may be shared with family and friends at all sorts of parties and functions.

Levi: This large assortment of top of the range screaming humor material is creatively offered to you fully free from any charge.

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Rebecca: The passion for humor is intrinsic to the character of man as jokes invariably cause to calm down the spirit and this has been the case since the earliest evolution of civilization.

Liza: It's a nice habit to take pleasure in the fun and therefore the ability to share a few fast jokes is usually appreciated.

Lopes: To express jokes in front of numerous people or even a small group is an inborn quality which sometimes may be developed.

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Short Jokes

Leonard: Short jokes will be classified into many humor classes as there's a place for each word that's spoken by individuals.

Ronald: The short jokes can be used to discriminate and insult individuals on one hand and maybe use for just the sheer fun of it on the other hand.

Denver: We have developed the resources to do the analysis of all kinds of short jokes material and place before you simply that what fits inside good limits.

Funny Photos

This site provides a lot of funny photos that take humor to new heights and all jokes are full of jest and there are loads of more funny writings on various topics divided into short jokes for the benefit and reading pleasure of the visitors. There are unlimited other things on offer here and one has to spend a lot of time perusing through the materials provided.


There is a lot of traction these days for everything that is funny. People are naturally inclined to funny compilations. It is a means to get easy and free pleasure. Most readers would opt for something that is humorous and light in nature. Leisure reading on topics that are funny is good for the relaxation of the person.

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LATEST top quality funny content in all humor categories catering from kids to adults with excellent short jokes and some awesome videos and funny photos. All funny items meticulously selected by highly professional joke writers and editors to bring out the best in humor. Constant changes are being made as per the viewer feedback. So let us know if you would like things in some other way.


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